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This workshop opened my eyes to many interesting aspects of photography I hadn’t been
aware of. I learned how powerful a photograph can be and how to notice even the smallest details that can completely change the picture. After the workshop was over, whenever I’m walking
around, I can’t but notice the beauty of the things around me and how certain elements can be put together to make an even more beautiful image of reality. Karmah Chehaitly

It was really a pleasure learning from you. Renée Chaccour Sfeir

The workshop helped me view the world in a new way… it was a great experience as I got
introduced to new techniques and tricks. The most important thing was that I learned how to simplify my vision in a catchy way. Hanine Sabbagh

I was honored to be one of your students. Definitely we all learned a lot. I feel so confident now when I take a photo. I can’t wait to attend more workshops with you to learn more from you. Paola Khijo

I Thank you so much, it was a wonderful workshop. Lina Sabbagh

I just finished the Art of Seeing workshop and it was everything I hoped it would be. Marc is
great tutor, he is so passionate and talented that you would learn so much from him! I highly recommend the workshop, especially if you are looking to have fun in the process! Yonna Sleiman

Photo Credits: © Elham El Zaim, Renée Chaccour Sfeir, Paola Khijo, Samia Hussari, Lina Sabbagh, Safa Sinno