Testimonials 2

Oil on canvas or real photographs taken by a master in photography? So overwhelming in real size, color, and texture ! Still need some sound/music for your “Loco-Motifs” to breathe into life !! Thank you for the exhibition. Nada Abi Zeid

Amazing and precious images where marble, wood, and brass blend in total harmony, under the tutelary sign of art. Hervé Le Goff

With a true artist’s eye, Nader’s photographs make powerful statements devoid of any sentimentality. Henry Bateman

Marc, all your original pictures are masterpieces! But like for all geniuses people will realize this only when you are gone. Like Van Gogh and other valuable painters, they get appreciated when they are no longer here to produce further beauty. Jean-Pierre Di Maria

There is so much to be said about those remarquable moments that words are not enough at some point to describe your talent. Enjoying your beautiful art and unique captures, imagining the stories hidden in each and everyone of them. Ranya El-Ghazal

I really appreciate your love for beauty, the capacity to keep simple and essential with a light hint of “Van Gogh” in shading and waving the details through a soft game of ‘luci ed ombre’, and a remarkable capacity to grab details of our everyday life. Barbara Caron

It’s the first time I see your work and I was so touched by the beauty of the photography. Your pictures look like paintings! Diane Abdel Khalek

Words cannot describe the beauty of your work… Emmanuelle Geoffrey

Magnifique défilé d’excellentes photos. Ninus Thomas