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© Lifestyle ME - Richard Labaki | December, 2008

Defining himself as a beauty-obsessed photographer, Marc Nader considers a genuine photo to be an invitation to the viewer to travel far within its dimensions – to discover it some more every single day. A real photo should simply be a doorway to another world. And one has to admire and contemplate it just like he or she would marvel at an artistic masterpiece.

Nader believes that many walk by certain objects or landmarks regularly and never even notice the beauty that is there right in front of their eyes. And that is why those who observe Nader’s photos are surprised to see how the mundane elements of life could look so breathtakingly beautiful.

Beauty is in fact everywhere only if you know where to look for it, only if you know how to extract it from its sometimes-ugly surroundings. Nader’s main objective is to have others entertain the same elevated emotions he experiences as he is taking a specific image. For him, composing a photo, entails adopting the same approach as that of composing music.

Growing up in a somehow artistic environment (his mother was a classic musician and painter) it could be that this influenced his outlook on life and opened up his eyes on beauty that lies all around him. And although he acquired a degree in business, Nader decided to follow a career in photography early on and nurtured this passion by attending exhibitions, reading specialized magazines and experimenting through trial and error. The year 1966 signaled the beginning of his journey in the realm of photography, as he purchased his first camera. Five years later, Nader turned pro.

What could be simpler as an image than a boat floating on water? The sun is sending its rays in the right direction; the light is marvelous as it embraces the boat. The contrasting colors are captivating. And the scene kept changing its shape by the minute; Nader actually spent 10 minutes lost in what he was seeing. Prepared his equipment and waited for the right moment to shoot. The photo represents simplicity and tranquility and lures the viewer to wander deep inside its composition. Nader never tires of contemplating this image, which he believes has a painting-like quality. This image, he maintains, is pure poetry.