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My favorite images from the 60's to date

I dedicate these pages to all artists, photographers and image makers, designers and musicians, art students and educators, galleries and collectors, image and music lovers, and last but not least, all of you dreamers out there ...


As a professional photographer for over four decades, and probably because of that, I have always made it a point to find time to create my very own personal images, looking, seeing, appreciating, dwelling in the scene ... and then trying to bring out the essence of what I see and feel through the viewfinder which I love to call my 'Magic Window'.

A look in the eyes,   a tree in the sun, the dancing reflections of a boat on water, an architectural harmony round the corner ... all whispering to my senses "Look at me", that is what tickles my creativity, always in search of the ultimate beauty.

There are so many things around us, way out there or just right here, which too often and quite unfortunately go  totally unnoticed. They're looking at us, watching us, calling us silently, waiting to be noticed and immortalized.


I'm proud to also share with you my talented students' showcase at AUB, LAU, and AUT.

You're thinking about learning and improving your photography but you're just not sure how to go about the whole thing ... ? Just click here for details on my Fine Art Photography Workshops.

Oh, and if you're in the mood for some cool, relaxing music and videos just let yourself go to my music-videos page. I'm there, strumming my chords, animating my stills, singing my songs.









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