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>>>> "Nothing in art must look like an accident, not even motion", said Edgard Degas. I think your work illustrate perfectly this quotation. Each of your photos is a reflection and a combination of philosophy of life, deep thinking, and sometimes humor. Sensibility is the guideline of your work, to the point where every picture speaks to the eye, and captures the moment no matter what the subject is, trees, faces, buildings, or objects. Rodin made God's hand talk from marble, you make your pictures speak to the viewer with paper and color ... and so, we look at then, listen to the stories they tell, admire the captured moment. This is what art is about, but the most important is to share a bit of the artist's dream, it is also called happiness. Viva Hakim

>>>> Marc, all your original pictures are masterpieces ! But like for all geniuses people will realise this only when you are gone..Like Van Gogh and other valuable painters, they get appreciated when they are no longer here to produce further beauty. Jean-Pierre Di Maria

>>>> You remain my favorite photographer. Haram wasting your talent (or genius) in a country like this. I mean it. Akram Najjar

>>>> You know its funny, the entirety of my education in AUB was defined by a GPA that none of my employers have asked for, yet throughout my work experience I have found that the things you taught us in photography class during my final semester were the most relevant.
What I mean to say is that you gave us practical knowledge. I think that I can credit you as the teacher that actually taught me something of real intrinsic value. So my hat goes off to you Mr. Nader, thank you for teaching. Never let go of that guitar and camera.
C-J El Khazen

>>>> I follow your photographs on Facebook and I still consider them some of the best I have ever seen. Your variety, your creative subjects, your color mix --- rare to see with other photographs. Akram Najjar

>>>> Oil on canvas or real photographs taken by a master in photography ? So overwhelming in real size, color, and texture ! Still need some sound/music for your "Loco-Motifs" to breathe into life !! Thank you for the exhibition. Nada Abi Zeid

>>>> Marc, I don't like to repeat myself but you turn the devil into an angel and hell into paradise. Let's cross our fingers for your genious. Claude Fatte

>>>> You are a genius ! Poet as well. JP DiMaria

>>>> I had written a paper once about one of your painting/collage because I had truly admired your work that I saw in downtown Beirut ... I always thought I should let you know that I consider you to be one of the greatest artists of this century and that your work is really inspiring for me. So... thank you I guess. Yasmine Sinno

>>>> My Family, I would like to introduce to you today a fabulous great Lebanese artist M. Marc Nader ... with his poetical journey of an Apple through time and space, representing the eternal cycle of life. Visuals and original Music (c)(p) 2015 Marc Nader (Tale Of An Apple) Enjoy magic. Enjoy the sublime dance of symbols into the infinite realm of Divine beauty!!! God bless our Lebanon and its people. Sonja El Haddad

>>>> With a true artist’s eye, Nader’s photographs make powerful statements devoid of any sentimentality.. Henry Bateman

>>>> Art rather than photographs ! These are "Masterpieces". I really loved your work ! It is amazing to think that some photos date back to the 8os, one could think that it is almost an entire life ! Frankly, you make us feel like wanting to become photographers. Thank you for offering us a beautiful exhibition. Michèle Sainte-Marie

>>>> A new height for fine art photography in Lebanon. Pr Marwan El Sabban

>>>> There is so much to be said about those remarquable moments that words are not enough at some point to describe your talent. Enjoying your beautiful art and unique captures, imagining the stories hidden in each and everyone of them. Ranya El-Ghazal

>>>> Amazing and precious images where marble, wood, and brass blend in total harmony, under the tutelary sign of art. Hervé Le Goff

>>>> I really appreciate your love for beauty, the capacity to keep simple and essential with a light hint of "Van Gogh" in shading and waving the details through a soft game of 'luci ed ombre', and a remarkable capacity to grab details of our everyday life. Barbara Caron

>>>> Hope to be as creative as you and to turn “Nothing” into “Everything”!  Proud to be your students! Dima Atchan & Joelle Khoury

>>>> Proud to be your student ... Carine Safah

>>>> Such limpidity in the eyes, such eroticism conveyed with so much subtlety... Rafic Boustani

>>>> Words cannot describe the beauty of your work... Emmanuelle Geoffrey

>>>> Breathtaking. Your pictures are so inspiring, they are like images from a dream. Love you work ... Eliane

>>>> i Marc, your website made my day. I just spent an hour looking at the photos you have there; they are wonderful! It made me wanna go back to Lebanon ... Thank you for sharing them with us, it was a great pleasure. Marc Harik

>>>> It's the first time I see your work and I was so touched by the beauty of the photography. Your pictures look like paintings ! Diane Abdel Khalek






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