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photo: Paola Khijo

The objective of 'The Art Of Seeing' workshop series is to help you 'Educate Your Eye' and acquire a solid understanding of what flawless Pictorial Composition really is, the very foundation for great photography.

My Photography Workshops are designed to easily bring out the photo artist within you. Workshops are organized in small groups of 4 to 6 for best efficiency and learning outcome, and in line with each participant's level and needs.

I also offer one-on-one indivividual workshops for those who prefer to go through the learning curve at their own pace. See FAQs below for more details.

These workshops include in-depth and easy to understand explanations on both the technical and artistic aspects of creative photography, through lectures and audio-visual presentations, hands-on demos and practice, projects followed by interactive critique, as well as on-going follow-up and feedback.

I conduct these workshops myself, aiming at giving you the opportunity to learn from my 40+ year experience in the field of advertising and fine art photography in Lebanon and the US, along with my 20-year academic contribution at the American University of Beirut.

From basic technical operation of your camera, to creative and artistic composition and capture of your scene, to post-capture Photoshop adjustments, all the way to final output, you will learn it all.

Moving your photography skills a huge leap forward and starting to create great images which naturally "speak" to the emotional senses of the universal viewer has never been easier, more effective, and ... more fun !

If you have any questions, please Email Us .

 You may also check the FAQs sheet below.

Above photos by previous students :

Paola Khijo, Salma Khalife, Zeina Sbeity, Ali Zgheib, Renee Chaccour, Carlos Rbeiz, Ramak Mirkazemi.


____ FAQs ____

How much does the workshop cost ?

The total fee for all 5 sessions is USD 360.

Do you offer one-on-one workshops and how much woud that  cost ?

Yes I do offer personal one-on-one workshops for more efficiency and flexibility.

These would be your best choice if you have a tight schedule and wish to take the workshop at your own flexible pace, in addition to the fact that you will get my undivided attention, follow-up, and feedback, for best possible outcome. The total fee for all 5 sessions is just USD 560.

How do I register ?

Just click click here or on the Blue Registration Link above and fill-out the quick and easy Registration Form.

Do I have to pay when I register ?

You do not have to pay when you register, as long as we receive your payment before the workshop's starting date. 

Do I need to have  an advanced camera for this workshop ?

A DSLR is strongly recommended to benefit fully from the workshop. However, a good compact or even a phone cam would also perfectly do the job, since you'll get a good understanding of their limitations, and therefore use them creatively in all confidence.

Remember that the main outcome of this workshop is to have you realize that excellent pictorial compositions can be achieved no matter what camera you use, since it's all in the photographer's eye and how it can learn to see the world photographically.

Do I need to be good at Photoshop ?

In this workshop you will learn to use all the  necessary post-capture adjustments that will help you optimize and output your photographs in all confidence. All will be fully explained  with real-time examples and hands-on practice.

How many participants would take part in the workshop ?

In order to allow participants to benefit fully from the workshop and get the best possible personal guidance, feedback, and follow up, the number of participants is strictly limited to 4. It is therefore strongly advised to reserve your spot as early as possible.

I have already taken a photography class, would it make sense to attend this workshop?

This workshop is built around a unique, one-of-a-kind conceptual approach which makes it complementary to any previously taken class or workshop.



This workshop opened my eyes to many interesting aspects of photography I hadn't been aware of. I learned how powerful a photograph can be and how to notice even the smallest details that can completely change the picture. After the workshop was over, whenever I'm walking around, I can't but notice the beauty of the things around me and how certain elements can be put together to make an even more beautiful image of reality. Karmah Chehaitly

It was really a pleasure learning from you. Rene Chaccour

I just finished the art of composition workshop and it was everything I hoped it would be! I definitely recommend registering in one of the workshops - Workshops are given at café Younes Hamra and are great fun and Marc is a great tutor, he is so passionate and talented that you would learn so much from him ! Moreover, the number of participants is limited which allows Marc to tailor his class to the level of each of the participants. I highly recommend the workshop especially if you are looking to have fun in the process! Yona Sleiman 

The workshop helped me view the world in a new way ... it was a great experience as I got introduced to new techniques and tricks .. The most important thing was that i learned how to simplify my vision in a catchy way. Hanine Sabbagh

I was honored to be one of your students. Definitely we all learned a lot. I feel so confident now when I take a photo. I can't wait to attend more workshops with you to learn more from you. Paola Khijo

Thank you so much ! It was a wonderful workshop. Lina Sabbagh



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