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So many things around us, way out there or just right here, which too often and quite unfortunately go  totally unnoticed. They're looking at us, watching us, calling us silently, waiting to be noticed, and maybe immortalized.










Tale Of An Apple |4:03

A poetic journey of an Apple through time and space, in what I see as the eternal cycle of life. I wrote the music track "Melodie" in 1992 while in Boulder, Colorado ...





This slideshow "A Tale Of Lebanon" is an inspirational exploration of the multiple faces of a country and its changes over time, against a backdrop of what’s just left from its natural beauty. I wrote the music track "Blackbird" in 1995.


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Marc, this is an awesome video! Impressive scenes, perfect music and the end is just ... glorious! Thanks for sharing it! I enjoyed it very much! Betty Ditscheid Zweers

A tale of Lebanon = Pnenomenal Time Travel ! Yachts Mann

Partagé sur mon blog :) bravo superbe Rajah Jacob

Sublime, cette valse d'ombre et de lumière dévoilant l'esprit unique d'un pays légendaire... Enchantement et fascination pur!!!! Félicitations Marc ... Sonja El Haddad

Waouh! Marc! Tu t'es surpasse .....une superbe reussite entre les photos et la musique.... j'apprecie beaucoup et merci de partager Jacqueline Taylor

 "Seigneur, accorde ton secours au beau pays que mon coeur aime, celui que j'aimerai toujours, celui que j'aimerai quand même !" (Cantique scout auquel me font penser ces séquences de photos admirables Jean-paul Thomas

Superbe! Elie Mehdi Hobeika

That was amazing! Thanks for sharing! Mary Bucher

Brilliant photo..!*** Jujhar Art

Beautiful Daria Brasseler

Beautiful Mireille A Chacra

Very nice video & music, Thank you Amal Zakka

This is so lovely, beautiful Lebanon. Fiona McRoberts

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This second slideshow from my series “Moments In The Life Of A Viewfinder”,  features some of my favorite women portraits taken here and there, throughout my 4-decade passion for photography. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.


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Merci Marc, it’s really beatiful. Myriam El Khoury

Le regard de ces femmes est si expressif qu'il fait oublier tout le reste. Bravo. Raymond Issa

Lovely. Joumana Tawil

Thank you for sharing such wonderful work during decades. Pedro Quintela

Beautiful Marc. Thank you very much for sharing this. Maya Sibai

Very beautiful portraits++++++ Floarea Cazangiu

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This slideshow, first of an upcoming series, features some of my favorite photographs taken through the years. After a Hard Night's Day, let yourself go for a few minutes chillout of soothing images on Frederic Chopin’s Piano Nocturne Op 9 No 2 ...


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Impressive and peaceful ... well done. Paul Kairouh

Série admirable (et musique bien choisie) ! Jean-paul Thomas

C’est ravissant magique elegant .... que des grandes qualites' !!!!! Pour une photo j’etais secouee pour un court instant , que serait ce pour ce voyage pictural splendide. Claude Fatté

Most beautiful moments i spend watching it over and over again
Thanks for sharing. Congrats for your Talents
. Liala Moufarrige

 Great work Marc. Ramzi Najjar

 Beautiful, thank you. Love the music. Madeleine Swibel

Splendid video. Frederic Chopin's Nocturne It is very beautiful and that relaxes the soul at certain times.++++++ Floarea Cazangiu

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