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INSIGHT | Sunsets, magical landscapes, out-of-this-world places and faces sure are superb subjects for beautiful images, but sometimes when you find yourself confined for a couple of minutes in the most un-inspiring 1sq meter space, seated with nothing to look at except a closed door some 50cm away from your nose, you are bound to let your eyes wander and focus on anything available in your field of vision, and if you have a camera with you, you might get surprised at what you might find. Here’s a simple and overused door hinge, nothing more.

This open edition image can be ordered for worldwide delivery in sizes up to 50cm/20in longer side, directly from this page. It is superbly printed and finished by Fine Art America on your choice of Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Water Color Paper,, Photo Paper, and Wood. Also available as Lifestyle Accessories such as Tote Bags, Pouches, Throw Pillows and more.

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Great macro image, Marc. Beautiful composition, simple but stunning to view. Red against the greys works. Wonderful eye for details that when enlarged can more than hold the viewers imagination. I went and looked at your portfolio. You are a very talented photographer. Some images were minimal but some looked like great commercial work. I commend your eye and skill Marc. Cheers, georgia. Georgia Sheron

Great combination of shapes and tones! Gary Slawsky

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