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L'Absence, 1988 | 0105

Insight | Comfortably sunbathing in the company of their own shadow on a warm spring afternoon on the dock of a contemporary furniture showroom in Boulder, Colorado, these two white and gray chairs against the bold gray wall design reminded me of the absence of two old lovers long gone.

This open edition image can be ordered for worldwide delivery in sizes up to 50cm/20in longer side, directly from this page. It is superbly printed and finished by Fine Art America on your choice of Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Water Color and Photo Paper, and Wood. Also available as Lifestyle Accessories such as Tote Bags, Pouches, Throw Pillows and more.

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This is a stunning image! Great eye to see this art!!.... Karen Adams

Meme les absents gardent leur place dans le for interieur de chacun . Merci pour cette oeuvre si symbolique qui en dit plus que les mots. Claude Fatté

Wonderful ! Chris Armytage

An inspired title to go with an inspired take on a very ordinary subject. Look at those shapes, lines, and patterns ! Nikolyn Mcdonald

You have a keen eye, magnificent image. Rosalie Scanlon

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