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My lifetime  love affair with photography never affected my passion for music; it actually complemented it ... Well, I guess photography and music are both images of the artist's soul ... From classical piano in the early 60s, to guitar, folk, pop, and rock, keyboards and synths, today my muse is pulling me back to simple acoustic ballads, trying to tell simple stories which make for our everyday life ... My 2 albums 'In The Confines Of Your Head'  and 'Back To The Roots'  were released in 2005 and 2012. Hopefully a third one will follow soon.

She's Got You On Her Hook | Official Video


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Bahia Samba |  Official Video

My  new photo-based music video for this remastered song from the 2005 album “In The Confines Of Your Head”, inspired by my visit to colorful Rio and its smooth and sensuous music and dance magic.

Music, Visuals, Vocals, Guitar, and Keys by Marc Nader.

Lyrics by Claude Salhani.


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Won't She Look Into My Mind |  Official Video

Remixed and remastered upbeat ballad with a bossa feel, from the 2012 album "Back To The Roots". This song is about today’s increasing distance between people. I'm on acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, plus vocals.


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Queen Of The Rooftop Nights |  Official Video

In this rearranged and remixed track from the 2012 album "Back To The Roots" I’m trying to depict Beirut fiery night life where “rooftop” divas never tire and get the best out of playing the seduction game, come the hot season.


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You Gotta Make Your Move |  Official Video

My latest photo-based vid for this remastered ballad from the 2012 album "Back To The Roots". Playing the acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, plus vocals, I’m trying to depict in this song the lack of real-life communication in an age where almost all social interaction thrives on a virtual cloud.


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True Friendship Never Dies |  Official Video

I wrote this ballad, from my 2012 album "Back To The Roots", in memory of so many friends long and too soon gone. It is my celebration of true friendship, the one which never goes into oblivion, no matter what life has in store.






Harvest Moon |  Neil Young Cover

My cover of a beautiful song by one of the greatest songwriters, Neil Young.


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In The Confines Of Your Head | Album - Audio



Back To The Roots | Album - Audio



Melodie | Instrumental

I wrote this instrumental track in 1994, featured below on "Tale Of An Apple" 



Blackbird | Full Track Audio

I wrote this instrumental back in 1995, featured below on "A Tale Of Lebanon"



Blackbird | A Tale Of Lebanon

"A Tale Of Lebanon" is an exploration the multiple faces of a country and its changes over time, against a backdrop of what’s left from its natural beauty. I wrote the music track "Blackbird" in 1995.


Moments In The Life Of A Viewfinder

This straightforward  slideshow is the first of an upcoming series featuring some of my favorite images which were taken throughout the last 50 years. The music track is Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 2.



Moments In The Life Of A Viewfinder


This second slideshow from my series “Moments In The Life Of A Viewfinder”,  features some of my favorite women portraits taken here and there, throughout my 5-decade passion for photography. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.


Tale Of An Apple

A poetic journey of an Apple through time and space, in what I see as the eternal cycle of life. I wrote the music track "Melodie" in 1992



Un Certain Regard

In this new slideshow I'm trying to hear the thoughts that I see through these eyes, windows to the deep ...



Shady Lady

'Shady Lady' is a slideshow of a recent summer photo shoot in Laqlouq Mountain, Lebanon, with model (and Interior Designer) Pascale Hoteit. Instrumental music track is 'Shady Lady', written in 1992, has that retro, mediterranean, sunny flair which I felt helps nicely convey the mood of the visuals.



Wasted At The Bar

From my 2005 album 'In The Confines Of Your Head'.


Won't She Look Into My Mind

From my 2012 acoustic album 'Back To The Roots'.


She's Not For You

From the album 'In The Confines Of Your Head' ...






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